About Us


Love ya like a sis

LYLAS started as a brainchild of 2 besties post-grad slump, looking to build meaningful friendships and community around feminist ideals.  

Today, LYLAS New York Chapter hosts:

  • Monthly member happy hours 
  • Quarterly feminist fundraising, volunteering, or activist event
  • Online community and information network

Grace Dunn- Founder, New York Chapter

Grace grew up in the Chicagoland area (yes that's what it's called) but New York has been her adopted home for 6 years. Her uniform usually stays in the neutral color palette but she'll occasionally make an exception for her red and blue Cubs hat. 

The past two years Grace has been honing her skills in dismantling the patriarchy. Her work and education has been focused around sexuality, sexual, and reproductive health through the lens of law and policy. 

After being in a hyper-academic, public health-focused echo chamber, Grace is excited to learn from women with diverse backgrounds and skillsets. Also, she needs all the liquid therapy and pee-induced laughter she can get to offset all the crying she's done on the 1 train. 

Drink of Choice: Lambrusco (a bougee sparkling red wine)

Feminist Icon: Margaret Smiley (fellow co-founder)



Margaret Smiley- Founder, New York Chapter

Margaret is a New York transplant by way of Rockford, Michigan. Although she's been living in the city of 8 years, she'll still point out where Rockford is on her hand if you'd like.

Since being in New York, Margaret has worked in the health and insurance technology space using her background and education in health policy to pursue her passion for increased access to healthcare.

But she also realized that solving issues surrounding access to care, particularly for women, was going to take more brain power than just those in the tech industry and way more laughter to keep from crying on the 3 train every day.

Drink of Choice: Gin and Tonic

Feminist Icon: Colette Smiley (her mom)